January 22, 2016


Charlie David, Richard Harmon, Timo Descamps, Sean Paul Lockhart
JT Tepnapa
Carlos Pedraza and JT Tepnapa
Carlos Pedraza, JT Tepnapa, Steve Parker, Jody Wheeler


Starring Richard Harmon of THE 100 and Charlie David of DANTE’S COVE and MULLIGANS, as well as Belgian Pop Star Timo Descamps and indie darling / adult film legend Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan), JUDAS KISS is a time-twisty tale of love and redemption that has thrilled audiences since it first hit film festivals. Now available on platforms world-wide, check out what San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter calls a “guilty pleasure”!


Failed filmmaker Zachary Wells is convinced by his best friend and hotshot director Topher into replacing him as a judge in their film school’s annual festival. Zach’s one-night stand with a student backfires when that student walks into an interview the next morning calling himself Danny Reyes, the name Zach went by when he attended the school. And Danny’s film, “Judas Kiss,” is a finalist in the competition Zach is judging. Zach’s film, also “Judas Kiss,” won the festival years before. As Zach scrambles for answers, a mysterious, chain-smoking campus tour guide, counsels him: “Change the kid’s past, change your future.” But how? Zach comes to believe he can mend his life by disqualifying Danny from competition, putting him on a different path than Zach followed. But will Zach’s plan work?


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[T]the whole feature is impressively packaged in David Berry’s fine cinematography, with Timo Descamps as Chris’ cocksure love triangle rival Shane and stereotypical bad boy of the piece, nevertheless rejoicing in a delicious “proud to be out” take on life. Complete with the lush backdrop of the University of Washington grounds, coupled with a Glee inspired musical end credit sequence, the real surprise is Sean Paul Lockhart, aka adult film star Brent Corrigan, who as lover boy Chris delivers a beautifully tender performance throughout. Yes it has its faults, but at the end of the day it’s entertainingly sexy and like Eric Rognard’s outstanding piece OEDIPE -[n+1] remains one of relatively few works to go gay, the sci-fi way. But then, you can always count on Tepnapa to boldly go where few have gone before.

— Gay Celluloid.Com

“A sexy slice of mystery drama with a dream cast and high production values; Judas Kiss will rank high on many ‘best movie’ lists at year’s end.”


“Can changing Danny’s overly cocksure trajectory really help Zach’s future? You will have to stay tuned to find out, although I bet you can guess the ending.Fantastic performances by all of the actors and stunningly colorful cinematography!”

–Smells Like Screen Spirit.Com